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Concrete Newcastle is known as one of the best and most experienced contractors in Newcastle for your polished concrete installation. We will quote you a price that is very competitive and affordable. We are here to help the people of Newcastle get their polished concrete!

What is Polished Concrete?

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A polished concrete floor is a floor that has undergone a treatment process with an acid solution to achieve the reflective finish. Polished concrete floors are used in the home as well as in commercial buildings.

Concrete polished floors are longer lasting and easier to maintain than other flooring options, such as carpet or tiles, while providing a contemporary look that will enhance the beauty of your home. Polished concrete can be used both indoors and outdoors in living areas.


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    Tips For Installing And Maintaining Your New Installed Polished Concrete

    Once the concrete has been given time to cure, you can now apply a sealer that will help seal and protect the concrete from any spills or stains.

    While we highly recommend applying a sealer, if a spill happens, you should remove it immediately so as not to let the stain soak into the concrete. Be sure to follow instructions on removing the fall from the concretes surface.

    The best way to maintain polished concrete is by sweeping and washing the concrete with a low pH-balanced cleaner; this will help keep the new shiny look of your concrete.

    For high traffic areas, we do recommend sealing every six months to keep your concrete looking new.

    Polished Concrete Benefits

    There are many benefits of using a Polished Concrete floor in your home or commercial property compared to other floor surfaces. They include;

    Cost-effective compared to other surfaces.
    Easy to keep clean
    It is highly durable and comfortable underfoot.
    It is long-lasting with no need for maintenance such as resealing or polishing. If damage does occur, it can be easily repaired by grinding back the surface to a good key and patching areas of spellings.
    Polished concrete also has a high thermal mass which means it can store and release heat.

    On the flip side, polished concrete floors may be cold underfoot in winter and unsuitable for rooms with high humidity or extensive water features.

    Another disadvantage associated with polished concrete floors is that it needs to be done by professionals as it is straightforward to scratch or damage the surface in an amateur setting.

    Cost of Polishing Concrete

    The cost of polishing a concrete floor is less than that of other surfaces such as tiles, stone or wood, and it is also less labour intensive than laying tiles. Most companies today give a warranty for their work & it is essential to check if the company offering you an estimate provides service after installation.

    The costs can vary depending on the type and size of the surface, the severity of damage or cracks on the concrete floor, whether it is polished, dry or wet-polished.

    The cost of polished concrete varies depending on the contractor. Still, it generally costs more than solid surfaces like marble and natural stone because they are not as dense and do not have the same life expectancy due to wear and tear.

    At Concrete Newcastle, we have affordable rates, and our expert concrete contractors will not only get the job done to a high standard and your desired look but within your budget. Contact us today for a FREE quote!

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    Why Go for Concrete Newcastle Contractors for your Project Needs?

    We at Polished Concrete Newcastle are the best in Newcastle when it comes to polishing concrete. Our contractors are experienced and have done many floor polishing jobs for domestic properties, business houses, educational institutions and other government bodies.

    Our polished concrete floors last longer because we use a unique sealer that provides a protective layer to the surface. It prevents any damage or scratching, even if there is a sharp formation on your concrete area.

    Our contractors are well versed with all the latest tools and equipment to get the job done right. Our floor polishing process involves:

    Epoxy coatings.
    High-pressure steam cleaning.
    Priming with an etcher to provide maximum adhesion of polyurethane.

    Whether you are building or demolishing a structure, we have the tools and techniques to help and advise you on all aspects of concrete polishing. We also offer services such as colour hardener staining for driveways or stamped overlay.

    We offer an affordable and superior quality polishing service that will give your home, building or construction project added appeal.

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      Concrete Newcastle Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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