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Expert Concrete Paving Services in Newcastle

Concrete Newcastle paving contractors in NSW give homeowners hard-wearing exterior surfaces that enhance the kerb appeal of their property.

We install concrete pavers in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colours, giving you multiple design options to complement your house and landscaping.

Our concrete paving services are particularly sought by householders looking for quality driveways, patios, pool decks and walkways. We also offer exposed aggregate paving services, with premium concrete paver aggregates.

What Are Concrete Pavers?

Similar to tiling, concrete pavers – often referred to as paving stones – come in specific shapes, sizes and colours and arrive on site ready for installation. Unlike tiles, they don’t need grout between joints.

Our Concrete Paving Services

Concrete paver installation can easily go wrong in the hands of amateurs. Our professional concrete paver installation services include:

  • Inspection to detect any underground utility service supply lines.
  • Excavation of soil, turf, or existing paving, to the required depth.
  • Installing the base material – typically gravel – and compacting it.
  • Installation of edge restraints to prevent lateral shifting.
  • Applying a setting bed of sand on top of the compacted base material.
  • Laying pavers in the desired pattern.
  • Spreading polymeric sand over the pavers and compacting it until the joints are filled to form a solid paver surface.
  • Sealing to prevent staining and accentuate the paver colours.

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    Concrete Paver Driveways

    Concrete pavers for new or replacement driveways are a popular choice because of their durability, easy maintenance and design flexibility, and we can customise your driveway by mixing and matching paver colours and patterns to create striking accent features.

    Unlike concrete that’s poured in place, our concrete driveway paver slabs allow you to drive on the surface immediately after installation, and are easy to replace seamlessly if repairs are ever necessary.

    Concrete Paver Patios

    Resembling natural stone, concrete patio pavers hold several advantages over wooden decks. They won’t splinter or rot, don’t need regular maintenance with sealants and wood stains, and conserve natural resources by saving lumber.

    Our concrete pavers are also a versatile option. We can configure them into any shape to overcome space restrictions and use them to build coordinating patio features such as raised seat walls, pillars and planter boxes.

    putting on cement rocks concrete paving

    Concrete Paver Pool Decks

    Concrete paver pool decks are salt- and chlorine-resistant and provide good traction while being comfortable underfoot even in hot weather – the joints take on moisture that helps cool the surface.

    Another advantage of our concrete pool deck pavers is that they can be spot replaced if necessary, and removed and replaced for repairs to underground plumbing pipes or electrical cables.

    custom concrete paving works by concrete contractor

    Concrete Paver Walkways

    Our concrete paver walkways replicate the classic look of brick or natural stone paths but come in a wider assortment of shapes and colours. We can create concrete paver walkways to any width you desire, with options for curved configurations and a textured finish to improve traction.

    Our concrete pavers can also be used to define planting beds, making them ideal for entryways and garden paths.

    Concrete Paver Costs

    Prices for installing concrete pavers depends on several considerations, such as:

    • Size of the area to be paved.
    • Whether removal of an existing surface is necessary.
    • Depth of base material.
    • How elaborate the concrete paving system is.

    As a rough guide, you can expect to pay $60 to $100 per square metre for concrete paving.

    Why Choose Concrete Newcastle to Supply and Install Your Concrete Pavers?

    Concrete Newcastle has helped countless homeowners to transform the exterior of their properties with long-lasting, visually appealing concrete paving systems.

    Our concrete paver contractors provide high standards of workmanship, using quality concrete paving materials, and we keep our pricing as affordable as possible.

    Other reasons homeowners choose our Newcastle concrete paving supply and installation services include:

    • Getting professional advice on the best concrete pavers to match their requirements.
    • Free consultation and free no-obligations quote.
    • Guarantees on materials and workmanship.
    • Customisable concrete paver installations.
    • Completion of work on time and within budget, with scrupulous attention to detail.
    • Experienced, insured and licensed concrete paving contractors.
    • Strong reputation for trustworthiness.
    • Friendly, helpful approach.

    Need to Know More?

    If you want a concrete paver driveway, patio, pool deck or walkway, or any other concrete paving surface that will add a touch of classy style to your property’s exterior, contact Concrete Newcastle now.


      Concrete Newcastle Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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