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Concrete Finish by Concrete Newcastle Contractors

Best Concrete Finishes To Your Satisfaction

solidly built concrete pathways done by Concreter Newcastle

At Concrete Newcastle, we provide the best concrete finishes to your satisfaction. We put a lot of effort into the finishing process to give your home or business concrete construction the look you desire. We offer various finishes, including polished concrete flooring, stamped concrete patios, poured-in-place driveway slabs, and more.

We have many decorative options, including exposed aggregate finish, coloured sealer and stamped concrete designs. You can also choose to add coatings or use paints and stains available in different colours, depending on your preference and the need of the hour.

The other concrete services we provide include Concrete Driveways, pillars, plant boxes, Slabs, Patios and Footings.


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    Why Choose Concrete Newcastle for your Concrete Finish?

    At Concrete Newcastle, we are the best when it comes to concrete finishes. With our years of experience and a team of dedicated, hard-working staff, we can guarantee you the best results for your home. We are professionals who take pride in what we do.

    We know that concrete finishing is not an easy job and requires dedication and patience to ensure quality work with no visible bumps or marks left on the surface. We at Concrete Newcastle ensures we get in and out of your property as soon as possible and leave the area neat.

     Getting a finish for your home that is not only attractive but can also withstand wear and tear does not have to be an uphill task. We are here to provide you with professional concrete finishing that adds value to your property, making it stand out.

    With so many options available for concrete floor finishes, all you have to do is choose the one that’s best for your property and budget.

    Types of Concrete Finishes

    The most common type of concrete finish is exposed aggregate. This type of finish is obtained by using a special trowel or float on the concrete immediately after it has been laid and before it starts to set.

    Once it sets, the surface is covered with small, closely compacted stones for a uniform appearance. The size of these stones depends on what is being poured.

    Other types of concrete finishes include polished, textured and stained finishes. A glossy finish is obtained by polishing the concrete with a spun disc. It leaves a gloss effect that can be seen in large commercial or industrial areas where reflected light enhances the appearance of the work. Textured finishes are achieved using additives to produce small bumps, while stained finishes are performed using a variation of the process.

    The most common residential concrete finishes include standard trowelling and acrylic staining. For more information on the best type of concrete finish, contact us!

    What is a concrete finish?

    Concrete finish is a surface treatment of a concrete block or precast. Concrete finishes add design features to the plain, grey appearance of concrete that requires less thickness and more strength than a veneer. Concrete’s inherent raw beauty needs minor enhancement to make it look appealing.

    Why Go for a Concrete Finish?

    A concrete finish is often done to protect the concrete from wear and tear and is particularly recommended if you have heavy traffic in your area. Concrete finish is cost-effective to install and easy to maintain. Thus, a finish can be applied to all concrete surfaces, including driveways, paths, walkways and garages. It also helps improve the appearance of old or plain-looking concrete by adding colour or using special tools. Concrete is a durable and affordable way to finish your home.

    How Much Does it Cost to Have a Concrete Finish for my home?

    At Concrete Newcastle, we offer affordable rates. The price we give is inclusive of the supply and installation of concrete. Finishers charge per square foot for their services. The cost of a concrete finish will vary depending on several factors, including:

    Type of finish – polished or unpolished; Concrete that has a smooth or polished finish costs more to complete than one that has not been finished with special tools and equipment. There are no concrete finishes for homes without installing concrete slabs, so this must be a factor.

     Color –The area where the concreting is undertaken
    The tools and equipment used for applying the finishes will influence the cost of the concrete finish too.

    To get the exact quote on the concrete finish, you wish to be installed in your home, you should get in touch with your concreting contractor.

    flattening the ground wherein the concrete mix was poured

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