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Origin Concrete Newcastle - Best Local Contractor: Delivering Affordable Custom Services

Welcome to Concrete Newcastle. As our name suggests, we’re a concrete company based in Newcastle NSW. We offer various residential custom concreting services that have made a big difference to countless homes across the region.

Our concreting services are provided by skilled technicians using the best materials and most advanced equipment, and we have gained a reputation for reliable, affordable concreting.

At Concrete Newcastle We Do

The concrete surfaces we create are aesthetically pleasing, durable and cost-effective, providing families with highly functional amenities.
We can also customise our concreting solutions to meet your specific requirements and your property’s style and incorporate decorative colours and textures to take your concreting job to a new level while enhancing kerb appeal.

A further benefit of quality concreting surfaces installed by our expert concreting contractors is that they can add value to your property.

Our key services include installing essential house exterior amenities and facilities such as:

  • Concrete driveways.
  • Concrete paving.
  • Concrete walkways.
  • Concrete patios.
  • Concrete pool surrounds.
  • Exposed aggregate concrete surfaces.

What Other Concrete Newcastle services are available?

As well as concrete installations, we provide concrete repair, restoration and resealing services, and construct backyard structures including:

  • Concrete pillars.
  • Concrete planter boxes.
  • Concrete seating walls.
  • Concrete retaining walls.

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    Concreting Services Can Increase the Value of Your Property

    New concrete surfaces typically add thousands of dollars to the market worth of homes – provided they are quality installations with a professional finish. Concrete Newcastle does precisely that.

    By enhancing your property’s functionality and appearance, our concrete surfaces provide additional kerb appeal that should draw in more home-hunters if you put your house on the market.

    The more attractive your property is to prospective buyers, the higher the asking price you can set, with the likelihood of a faster sale.

    Here are just a few examples of how our concreting services add value to homes:

    • A quality concrete patio installed by Concrete Newcastle will help your property stand out in a competitive housing market.
    • Our concrete driveways should, at the very least, add enough value to your property to recoup the cost of the work.
    • A pool with a quality Concrete Newcastle deck can be a big selling point.

    Another reason Concrete Newcastle can help you increase the value of your property is that we specialise in exposed aggregate concrete services, providing ornamental finishes that ooze kerb appeal. In addition, expert West Lake Macquarie Concreters can provide you with exceptional concrete services in Lake Macquarie at competitive prices. Get in touch with!

    Our Exposed Aggregate Concrete Newcastle Services

    Besides potentially raising your property’s market value, our exposed aggregate concrete services provide homeowners with many other benefits.

    Exposed aggregate concrete – made by mixing special aggregate material, cement and water – is the most popular decorative concrete type. The concrete is poured as usual, but then the topmost layer is removed to reveal the stone aggregate.

    We can customise aggregate concrete from a wide choice of colours, patterns and textures. We also install exposed aggregate polished concrete surfaces with the aggregate being more finely ground down and then polished to a glossy sheen.


    Cement Applications for Exposed Aggregate Concrete

    Concrete Newcastle provides striking property exterior surfaces across a broad range of applications, including:

    • Pool surrounds.
    • Driveways.
    • Walkways.
    • Patios.

    These exposed concrete aggregate surfaces give homeowners decades of good service, withstanding extreme weather and everyday wear and tear with just basic cleaning and minimal resealing.

    Our Concrete Driveway Services

    Our concrete driveways come with multiple advantages.

    Firstly, they maintain their structural integrity. Your concrete driveway won’t sink into the ground over time – a typical problem with brick driveways laid on a bed of sand.

    Neither will your concrete driveway succumb to blistering Australian temperatures, and it will also provide a barrier against moss, grass, weeds and termites.

    Maintenance of our concrete driveways is a breeze – just brushing and rinsing with a garden hose. Check our partners out at concrete floor grinding and polishing Sydney.

    flattening the ground wherein the concrete mix was poured

    Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveways

    Concrete Newcastle specialises in exposed aggregate concrete driveways, customisable from a wide variety of types, colours, shades and textures.

    We’ll use a quality sealer to prolong the lifespan of your driveway and provide protection from grease, oil and other types of staining that driveways can be prone to.

     Our exposed aggregate driveways are cost-effective because, although priced slightly higher than regular concrete driveways, they need less maintenance, which lowers overall long-term costs. They’re also generally more affordable than stamped concrete driveways.

    While out exposed aggregate driveways are a popular choice among homeowners. Others opt for stamped concrete driveways or concrete paver driveways.

    a concrete mixer pouring concrete on the driveway

    Stamped Concrete Driveways

    Stamped concrete can have the same visual appeal as higher-end materials and with less cost but can lack other concrete surfaces’ durability. It is known for;

    • Elevating your Newcastle concrete space with concrete artistry: You will get a beautiful space for a little fee.
    • Unleashing Concreting Excellence: Unleash more creativity for your stamped concrete space.
    • Adding Value With Stamped Cement Concreting Excellence: You are getting value for your space, and it helps if you choose to resale your property as buyers are more attracted.
    drilling the site that needs concrete repair

    Concrete Paver Driveways

    Our concrete paver driveways score high in the durability stakes, with the added benefit of easy maintenance. They can also be customised from a range of colours and patterns, and it’s a simple job to replace individual pavers if they become damaged.

    However, one problem is that concrete paver driveways can be vulnerable to stains that require pressure washing to get rid of them. Try driveway repairs.

    a conrete builder on boots walking on the concrete mix
    concrete builder Newcastle putting a concrete mixture
    concrete contractor using a shovel to a concrete mixture
    concrete pouring in a commercial building

    Our Concrete Paving Services

    Concrete Newcastle’s concrete paving services provide durable surfaces with high visual appeal. We can also use exposed aggregate concrete to enhance the appearance of concrete pavers further.

     We specialise in customising concrete paving with an extensive assortment of colours, sizes, and shapes for patios, pool decks, driveways and walkways.

    Concrete Newcastle’s concrete paving services provide durable surfaces with high visual appeal. We can also use exposed aggregate concrete to enhance the appearance of concrete pavers further.

     We specialise in customising concrete paving with an extensive assortment of colours, sizes, and shapes for patios, pool decks, driveways and walkways.

    Concrete Paver Patios

    Our concrete paver patios look like natural stone and, unlike wood decking, won’t rot or splinter with time. We can customise your concrete paving to fit into even tight spaces, and we can also construct concrete paver wall seating, planter boxes, and pillars to complement your patio’s overall look.

    Concrete Paver Pool Surrounds

    Our concrete paving pool decks provide anti-slip surfaces that feel good underfoot and will withstand the effects of salt and chlorine.

    A further benefit of our concrete paver pool decks is that the pavers can easily be removed and replaced to facilitate work on underground utility supply systems such as water pipes and electric cables

    Concrete Paver Walkways

    Our concrete paver walkways have the aesthetic appeal of classic natural stone or brick paths but offer a broader range of colours and shapes. We can customise your concrete paver walkways from a variety of texture options and gracefully curved designs. Our concrete pavers can also be used to define planting beds, making them ideal for garden paths and entries

    Concreting Costs

    Various considerations determine concreting costs, including the size and complexity of the job and the type of concrete used.

    Here’s a rough guide to what you can expect to pay for various concreting services:

    • Concrete driveway – $1,500 to $10,500, depending on the type of concreting and the driveway size.
    • Concrete paving – $60 to $100 a square metre.
    • Exposed aggregate concrete – $100 to $150 a square metre.
    • Stamped concrete – $120-plus per square metre.

    Why Homeowners Choose Concrete Newcastle

    Concrete Newcastle transforms property exteriors with visually appealing, hard-wearing surfaces that provide outstanding service over many years.

    Our concrete contractors Newcastle are known for
    • High standards of workmanship.
    • Meticulous attention to detail.
    • Using quality materials.

    We keep the cost of our concreting services as low as possible without cutting corners or otherwise sacrificing quality. We can do this because of our expertise and experience, which allows us to work fast but efficiently to minimise labour costs.

    Other reasons homeowners choose our Newcastle concreting services to include:
    • Customisable options.
    • Quality concrete installations that add value to the property.
    • Completion of work according to timeline and budget.
    • Licensed, insured concreting contractors.
    • Friendly, helpful approach.
    • A strong reputation for reliability.
    What’s More? We also provide value-added services such as:
    • Free expert advice on concrete installations.
    • Free on-site consultation.
    • Free no-obligations quote.
    • Warranties on materials and workmanship.

    Contact Concrete Newcastle today if you need quality concreting services with a high customisation level that provides attractive, long-lasting and highly functional surfaces and hardscape features to transform your property and potentially increase its value. We also offer commercial concreting services. Also, check out our partner at foundation repair Champaign, Concrete Driveway in Baltimore MD and stamped concrete Fort Wayne IN.

    Our Commercial Concreting Services

    Concrete Newcastle’s commercial concreting services for construction companies and civil engineers include slabs, foundations and footings, plus:

    Formwork for concrete structures

    pouring wet concrete into forms that support its weight.

    Steel fixing

    placing rebar or steel mesh to strengthen concrete constructions.

    Concrete pouring

    pumping concrete to the pour site with line pumps or boom pumps.

    Concrete coring

    drilling through concrete to facilitate installation of utility supply lines.

    Concrete grinding

    to remove imperfections or inconsistencies in concrete.

    Concrete polishing

    to enhance appearance

    Concrete resurfacing

    to fix minor damage

    Concrete stencilling

    an alternative to decorative stamping.

    Concrete FAQs

    Besides costs, many questions we’re asked at Concrete Newcastle focus on the environmental impact of concrete. Other queries revolve around the composition of concrete.

    Is concrete environmentally friendly?

    Some types of concrete are more environmentally friendly than others.

    For instance, a concrete surface that’s more porous allows greater water penetration into the underlying soil for surrounding trees and other plants to access.

    Permeable concrete also reduces the risk of flooding from heavy rain – contaminated floodwater can pollute rivers and habitats, and silt and sediment can destroy crops.

    Aggregates for concrete can also come from recycled sources – such as demolition rubble, to reduce raw materials.

    The strength and durability of concrete surfaces and constructions mean they will last a long time before they need replacing, so they have a lower impact on the environment than other materials.

    Can you recycle concrete?

    When concrete structures are taken down or refurbished, the old concrete can be recycled by specialist facilities that ensure any contaminates such as plastic and wood are removed. The remaining concrete can be crushed for hardcore and gravel in new construction projects.

    Is concrete the same as cement?

    No. Although the terms are often mistakenly used to refer to the same thing, cement is actually an ingredient of concrete, albeit an important one. Cement is a dry powder that’s used to create concrete along with water and aggregates like stone, sand and gravel.

    Cement usually accounts for around 10 to 15 per cent of concrete. Mixed with water, it forms a paste that sets like a stone to give the concrete its durability and strength.

    Is concrete rock?

    No. Rock is formed by natural processes while concrete is a human-made composite product. However, it may contain ingredients derived from different types of rock, such as crushed limestone in cement, and aggregates such as granite, gravel and sand.

    Is concrete waterproof?

    Concrete is not naturally waterproof, but water-resistant sealings and coatings can be made watertight to prevent water from flowing through it. Concrete can also be damp proofed to avoid moisture penetration.

    Can you prevent cracking in new concrete?

    It’s impossible to guarantee no cracks will develop in new concrete. However, Concrete Newcastle takes several steps to lessen the likelihood, including:

    • Using the right amount of water. If too much water is added to the mix, the concrete will shrink and crack as it cures and dries. Too little water and the concrete will cure too fast, or not correctly, resulting in cracks.
    • Using the right type and strength of concrete for specific jobs.
    • Avoiding pouring concrete on frozen ground to prevent cracking on thawing.

    How deep do you need to go to lay a concrete driveway?

    The depth of a concrete driveway is crucial to its weight-bearing capacity. As a general rule, a standard residential driveway needs to be from 10cm to 16cm thick, depending on the vehicles that will use it.

    A sub-base at least the same depth as the concrete is also needed – more if you’re going to park larger vehicles on it.

    Need to Know More?

    If you have any more questions about concreting or would like us to expand on the brief overview above, please feel free to contact us – we’d love to hear from you. Also, check our partner at residential concrete contractor, stamped concrete patio, concrete knoxville tn, concrete driveway Melton and Decorative Concrete WA.


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